Workshop: Early Modern Experimental Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Religion

University of Warwick, 10-11 May 2016

Keith Allen (York), Cavendish on Colour and Experimental Philosophy
Peter Anstey (Sydney), Experimental Philosophy and Corpuscular Philosophy
Philippe Hamou (Paris-Ouest Nanterre), John Locke and the Experimental Philosophy of the Human Mind
Dana Jalobeanu (Bucharest), Francis Bacon’s ‘Perceptive’ Instruments
Dmitri Levitin (Oxford), Metaphysics, Natural Philosophy, and the Soul: Rethinking Kenelm Digby’s Philosophical Project
Elliot Rossiter (Concordia), From Natural Philosophy to Natural Religion: Teleology and the Theologia Rationalis
Tom Sorell (Warwick), Experience in Hobbes’ Science of Politics
Alberto Vanzo (Warwick), Experimental Philosophy and Religion in Seventeenth-Century Italy
Koen Vermeir (Paris-Diderot), Magnetic Theology
Catherine Wilson (York), What was Behind the Rejection of Hypotheses in Newtonian Science?

The programme is available at here.

Seminar Room on the first floor of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Millburn House, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7HS (directions available here)

Registration is now closed.

Accessibility information
There are parking spaces for blue badge holders near the front entrance to Millburn House.
The elevator can be accessed through the entrance to the Writer’s Room on the ground floor.
An accessible toilet is located on the first floor of Millburn House.
Personal assistants may attend free of charge. Please provide details when registering.

Childcare support
We hope to provide some financial support to those who would like to attend, but require childcare. If you are interested, please email Alberto Vanzo.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Aristotelian Society, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and the British Society for the History of Science.

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